Map Illustration by Rabinky Art, LLC

Illustrated Maps

by Rabinky Art, LLC

Read the Illustrated Maps Blog: each map illustration can tell a story

Illustrated Maps Blog can tell a unique story, a company history, or be an unusual window through which people can see a particular place, a university campus, a tourist destination, or a fantasy location. An illustrated map can be digital and hand-drawn, filled with fun objects and icons that together make a sometimes inaccurate, out of scale, but always a focus on the most important place of a history or a business from an artist’s perspective.


The illustrated maps are the illustrations, with many layers of information between the graphic elements, colors, and styles.


Illustrated maps (also known as pictorial maps, panoramic maps, perspective maps, bird’s-eye view maps, and three-dimensional maps) showing a given territory with a more artistic rather than geographical style. It is a type of map illustration compared to a Google road map, city atlas, or topographic map.


Illustrated maps usually show the area as if viewed from above at an oblique angle. They are not usually drawn to scale to show exact street patterns, all individual buildings, and significant landscape features in perspective. Map illustration enhances important objects and often incorporates a complex interplay of different scales into one image to give the viewer a more familiar sense of recognition. With an emphasis on items and style, these maps cover an artistic spectrum from whimsical drawing to spectacular landscape graphics, with the better ones being attractive, informative, and highly accurate.


As you will learn in this Illustrated Maps Blog, map illustration, and bird’s eye view maps can be an excellent addition to your marketing campaign. In conclusion, please visit the map illustration portfolio with various types of illustrated maps like Campus Maps, City Maps, Area attraction maps, Resort Maps, Development Maps, Specialized Maps, Theme Park Maps, and Cutaways.

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