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Illustrated Maps

by Rabinky Art, LLC

Campus Map Illustration

The portfolio of Campus Map Illustration is a collection of unique, hand-drawn, and very detailed illustrated campus maps created by Maria Rabinky.

These custom Campus Illustrated Maps are the most notable part of Rabinky Art’s portfolio.

The Fun and Fascination of College Campus Illustrated Maps

Taking pride in your college campus is part of the university experience. Also, wanting to share the college’s positive aspects is easy using campus map illustration. Fortunately, our campus illustrations make this possible. For example, a typical college campus map art is two-dimensional. Typically, small boxes show the building on otherwise empty streets.


Alternatively, our campus map design is a 3D version. Consequently, it shows locations while adding dimensions and artistic elements.

Barry University Campus Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Illustrated Map of main Campus of Barry University in Florida.

Campus Bird-eye View Maps

Colleges send new students many things. This includes college campus map art. Consequently, their maps show up in many ways. First, college campus bird-eye view designs are included in brochures. Second, they are on hand-outs from the university. Finally, you’ll find them in a general welcome packet. Basically, a school campus’s bird-eye view maps are straightforward. Therefore, a student can use university campus maps to travel easily.

Unfortunately, typical campus flat maps are uninteresting. Therefore, students aren’t excited about the campus. Instead, colleges and universities rely on testimonials and pictures. However, college illustrations are a powerful tool. First, they showcase the buildings. Then, they highlight the school’s architecture. Finally, the information is graphic. Additionally, the images are included with other papers in the welcome packet.

Campus Illustrated Maps
Bryn Mawr College Illustrated Campus Map

Showcasing College School Campus Map Illustration

Sometimes, the 3D Campus Maps become large-scale artwork. Naturally, the art is impressive. Therefore, it is not surprising to find it on the wall inside a building. Seeing your college in such striking detail is stunning.

Rabinky Art will be happy to create an illustrated map of your school or business. Our map illustrations can enhance a mobile navigation service bringing clarity and fun to way-finding around your school campus. Your visitors will enjoy a colorful birds-eye view of the area.

Campus Illustrated Maps
Dartmouth College Campus Illustrated Map
Campus Illustrated Maps
University of VA Campus Map Illustration
Campus Map Illustration
Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus Map Illustration
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