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Sea Life Park Hawaii Illustrated Map

The Sea Life Park Hawaii illustrated map showcases the best of marine wildlife on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Isles. Through the art of the illustrated map, the artist is able to depict the diversity of the theme park.


Depicting Sea Life

First, the Sea Life Park Hawaii illustrated map pays homage to the marine mammals that call the park home. The animals are created in bold colors in the areas of the park where they are cared for and showcased. Then, the illustrated map shows what happens behind the scenes of the park with training and interactive pools and the beauty of the surrounding area.


Initially, you might consider using the illustrated map as a guide for the park. But, it is also a piece of art to depict the adventures you had while visiting the park and the ultimate souvenir of your time spent with nature.


Family Fun

Additionally, the Sea Life Park Hawaii illustrated map helps visitors navigate the exhibits and explore all the areas the park offers. Sea Life Park is not only a marine mammal park but also a bird sanctuary and aquarium. Therefore, visitors to the park can immerse themselves in the various aspects of sea life.


In addition, the Sea Life Park is in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, Waimanalo near Makapu’u Point, north of Hanauma Bay. Simply, the area is stunning around the park and inside it as well. Families of all shapes and sizes can embrace the beauty that is inside the park, of course. But, even as they approach the park, they will be captivated by the waves, beaches, and tropical foliage.


Naturally, all of this is also captured in the Sea Life Park Hawaii illustrated map.


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Map illustration of the SeaLife Park in Hawaii
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