Map Illustration by Rabinky Art, LLC

Illustrated Maps

by Rabinky Art, LLC

City Map Illustration

Cityscape Art Offers Unique Perspectives to Traditional Maps

Looking down over a city is astonishing. It is why we enjoy looking down from an airplane.  

Illustrated maps of a city or landscape create the same effect. But, illustrated maps work without a crowded window seat.

Map illustrations are a unique perspective

Typically, cityscape art shows a city’s best features. Consequently, you’ll see the area arranged correctly to scale. However, there is also embellishment and character.

The Map illustration shows an illustrated picture of a city, country, or region. Typically, the landscape’s physical elements show brilliant design and color. However, you’ll also see other landmarks.

Illustrated maps show a lazy river may. Then, a cityscape map depicts water. Also, it shows impressive downtown structures. Fortunately, all in a real three-dimensional depiction.

New York City Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

3D Maps: Three-Dimensional Approaches to City Map Illustrations

Typically, a standard map shows major elements and roadways. On the other hand, creating map illustrations is art.

Often, in cityscape art, a professional artist uses pictures of a city or location. First, the artist creates carefully rendered details. Then, the artist adds the elements that bring that region to life.

Illustrated Maps Inspire Creativity

First, imagine looking at a map. Then, see the towers of the cathedral. Instead, see the football stadium at the nearby university. Illustrated city maps show everything. For example, the curves of the hills. Additionally, the tallest structures stand out. Assuredly, you’ll see the location’s landmarks.

Campus illustrated maps create a true vision of your campus or town. Consequently, they give your readers something fun. Then, readers can see why to and how to follow your travel tips. Easily, you can impress visitors to your city. Then, create a map that is beautiful and easy to use. Finally, display it in all your promotional materials.

Cityscape map illustrations do it all. Consequently, map illustration is an artistic snapshot in time. How can you use it?


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