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Raging Waters San Dimas Park Illustrated Map

The Raging Waters San Dimas park illustrated map beautifully showcases the best of this famous water park. It is easy to understand why so many people love to spend time here. Naturally, since this is a large and popular place, there is much to do in the theme park. And all of it is shown on the illustrated map. Initially, the eye catches the map’s bold colors and fun features. But, then the eye travels to the specific details of the Raging Waters San Dimas park illustrated map.


Water Park Fun

Raging Waters San Dimas is a large water park. It has plenty for all members of the family to enjoy. First, the dozens of slides and attractions are featured on the map, spread across a large area. Second, the important features of the park, such as the entrance, parking, and restrooms. Besides, the map also features other essential services.

Like the High Extreme and Bermuda Triangle, watery thrill rides hold court. But, there is also a sandy beach, lazy river, and the Kids Kingdom for those who like their water park fun to be a bit tamer. Additionally, the illustrated map can help families find suitable water adventures for their interests and ability levels.


Water and Natural Beauty

Additionally, the beauty of the surrounding area contributes to the impressive features of the Raging Waters illustrated map. Initially, the bright blues of the water highlights the reds and blues of the water slides. However, surrounding the park and creating a beautiful background are the rolling hills of California in lush greens and golds.

Combined, the range of colors and textures included making the Raging Waters San Dimas park illustrated map one to enjoy at any time.


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