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Cutaway Map Illustration is a wayfinding solution for interior


cutaway map illustration, also called a cutaway diagram, is a 3D graphic, drawing, map, and illustration. A three-dimensional model’s surface elements are selectively removed to make interior features visible without sacrificing the outer context.

When we think of maps, our minds typically conjure outdoor areas – illustrated maps showcasing landscapes, roads, and city streets or maps of expansive theme parks and resort areas providing bird’s-eye views. However, these scenarios aren’t where the necessity for clear direction arises. It’s in entirely different settings. Consider anyone wandering through a vast office building or a sprawling conference center; they can attest to the challenges of finding their way without a visual guide. This is precisely where a cutaway illustration comes into play.

Experience CHEST convention Cutaway Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Experience CHEST convention Map Illustration

Architectural Cutaway Illustration

Architectural cutaway illustration offers a unique perspective, allowing you to peer through the intricate maze of hallways and walls, pinpointing the most significant areas. This technique grants a comprehensive view of both the external surroundings and the vital internal features, achieved through the lens of a perspective map or a cutaway maps.

While a photograph presents a two-dimensional rendering of a building, offering a view of its walls and exterior architecture, an illustrated map takes this visual experience to the next level – the third dimension. It unveils the nuances of angles and the inherent beauty of the space. An artist skilled in this craft can emphasize key elements, presenting the design and angles that highlight a building’s finest exterior attributes.

However, frequently, a building’s interior holds a charm that rivals, or even surpasses, its exterior. How does one capture the grandeur of soaring ceilings and intricate detailing? What about the indoor water features that exude elegance and the meticulous attention poured into every facet? The answer lies in the art of presentation, skillfully guiding your audience’s gaze.

Interior Cutaway Map Illustration

Through the art of interior map illustration, you can achieve more than just guiding viewers from one point to another; you can also provide them with compelling reasons for their journey. What captivating features await in the adjoining room? What moments of relaxation or admiration can be savored before progressing further?

In the realm of cutaway map illustration, there’s no need to make an either-or choice between showcasing the interior or exterior of a given space. You have the freedom to spotlight both facets. Initially, viewers are treated to the prominent elements of the building and the expansive outdoor areas. These cutaways offer insights into pathways and architectural focal points. Subsequently, they delve into the meticulous interior detailing, revealing a comprehensive narrative. The result is a truly immersive experience encapsulated within a single, rich illustration.

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