Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Map Illustration by Rabinky Art, LLC

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Cutaways Map Illustration

Cutaway Map Illustration is a wayfinding solution for interior

Experience CHEST convention Cutaway Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Experience CHEST convention Map Illustration

cutaway map illustration, also called a cutaway diagram is a 3D graphics, drawing, map, and illustration. A three-dimensional model’s surface elements are selectively removed to make interior features visible without sacrificing the outer context.



When we think of any maps, we tend to think of outdoor areas. Illustrated map sowing landscape, roads, and streets of a city or state. Maps of large theme parks or resort areas are representing the bird’s aerial views. But that is not the place we need direction. Anyone wandering through a large office building or conference center can tell you just how challenging it can be to find your way without a visual guide, such as a cutaway map illustration.

Architectural Cutaway Illustration

Architectural cutaway illustration allows you to see through the maze of hallways and walls to find the areas that matter most. Through a perspective map or cutaway map illustration, you can see the outside of space and the inside’s critical features.


A photograph allows us to see a flat version of a building. We can see the walls and exterior architecture. But an illustrated map will enable us to bring that flat vision into the third dimension. We can see the angles and beauty of the space. The artist can feature the key elements to showcase the design and angles that demonstrate a building exterior’s best features.


But often, the interior of a building is just as beautiful – or even more beautiful – than the exterior. How do you show the soaring ceilings and the stunning details? The indoor water features and exquisite attention to detail? By merely leading them to your audience.

Interior Cutaway Map Illustration

Through interior map illustration, you can not only show viewers how to get from one place to the next, but you can also show them why they should. What stunning features are waiting in the next room? What can sit back to enjoy in one space before moving to the next?


Through cutaway map illustration, you don’t have to choose to showcase the interior or the exterior of a particular space. You can do both. First, viewers see the key features of the buildings and open spaces outside. The pathways and architectural interest are the parts of the cutaways. Then, they see the careful attention to detail inside. It is truly a rich, complete experience in a single illustration.

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