Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Illustrated Maps

by Rabinky Art, LLC

Custom Panoramic Illustrated Maps: the way birds and hot air balloon riders see landscapes!

Want to see the world from above? Bespoke illustrated maps and graphical presentations allow you to see and experience the world as if you were flying over it. You can. Our bird’s eye view illustration technique is a masterful blend of art and information. Although you’re stuck on the ground, you will have an entirely new vantage point through our combination of geography and architecture. A custom map illustration is a perfect way to express your brand – through color, style, and position.

The creative style of a map illustration is essential.

Map-making is an art.

As such, the techniques used for centuries are preserved in our illustrated maps. As a result, we have maintained the same passion for details while including a flair for creativity.

Now, you can have a moment captured in illustration for all to see. Most importantly, using map illustration, an artist depicts your business story’s beauty and grace, a campus, a town, or a special event. A moment in your business history is preserved forever through art. To sum up, the beauty of your school or business is captured for all time through a campus map illustration.

Architecture is beautiful in Illustrated Maps.

A talented illustrator can bring that beauty to the foreground in a customized image through skill. Moreover, our illustrated maps quickly become conversation pieces in lobbies or boardrooms. Also, they capture and enhance the most beautiful parts of your project for the media or marketing materials.

Additionally, our custom illustrated maps come in a range of styles. While we create whimsical maps for some, we also create stark realism for others. Additionally, among our extensive collection of map illustrations, we have 2D site plans. Similarly, we have fully rendered bird’s eye view illustrations. And we have everything in between.

Our map illustration technique blends many things—firstly, a study of architecture. Secondly, it adds the beauty of a unique design.

In conclusion, an illustrator’s skill is to create something truly unique. Consequently, our illustrated maps are both hand-drawn and 100% digital.

Therefore, each of our illustrated maps includes the following defining elements:

The View

An aerial project, or a bird's eye view illustration, creates a stunning picture. You will see more geographical information than ever. But you will also be giving the audience a feeling of being present in the art and letting him see the subject with his own eyes.


All of our illustrated maps are tailored to the client. We remove the busy noise and distractions from the image. Then, we create a targeted approach. Not part of the client's message? Then, it does not gain prominence in the art.


Above all, any map illustration must be infused with imagination. First, we add an artist's technique and eye for a creative palette. Then, you have a masterpiece you'll be proud to display.

Illustrative Techniques

When you create a bespoke map illustration, you are creating something unique. Every map is a work of art. Similarly, the technique of creating map illustration is to play with scale and size. Consequently, this features the critical elements of the design. Illustrated maps are not photographs. Instead, they are artistic enhancements of an area’s best features.

Thirdly, and most importantly, an aerial view focuses on the dimensions and scale of an area. This focus and artistic flair allow the map to showcase the landscape’s prominent parts. This technique creates a recognizable map. But this illustrated map offers much more than location.

Moreover, illustrated maps help the viewer see what you want them to see. First, they allow the viewer to focus on the most exciting areas to isolate the beauty, the style, the sharp features, or the overall feeling created in an area. For instance, this map illustration technique combines the familiar with the beautiful.

Also, Illustrated maps are about more than merely showing the location of buildings and natural features. It’s about how these items work together. How the perspective of the scenery changes as the artist’s perspective shifts. Besides, map illustrators stretch the perspective of audiences. After that, they help them find new ways to visualize the familiar. And in the process, create stunning works of art.

Illustrative Media

Maria Rabinky creates each custom illustrated map individually by hand drawing and coloring digitally, so they have a watercolor look but can be adjusted if necessary. The final artwork will be delivered in a high-resolution digital format on the required layers and ready for printing and interactive versions. Similarly, our Custom Map Illustration will have a size and resolution you request, portrait or landscape.

Please see our video page to watch fun clips about the creative process.

Illustrator Maria Rabinky
Custom Illustrated Maps created by Rabinky Art, LLC

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