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Wild Turkey Distilleries Map Illustration

Illustrated Map for Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center


The Wild Turkey Distilleries Conceptual Map Illustration was created for display in the visitor center at the Wild Turkey Distillery campus.

Wild Turkey is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey brand distilled and bottled by the Wild Turkey Distilling Company. The distillery is located near LawrenceburgKentucky. On the trip to Kentucky Bourbon trip, visitors may take a tour around the distillery campus and visit the unique visitor center. They can enjoy bourbon testing after the distillery with a fantastic view of the Kentucky River.

You can also learn about Wild Turkey history and browse the virtual campus on the barrel-like table with the Wild Turkey Distilleries Illustrated Map display at the Visitor Center.


Illustrated Map Concept


The request for this project was unusual and challenging. The client needed this Wild Turkey Distilleries Conceptual Map Illustration on the tabletop of the round display. The display is 74″ in diameter. But the challenge was in picking the right viewing point for the map illustration. That is to say, the visitor approaching this round display had to be able to see the objects drawn on the map at the correct angle. So, no matter which side you come to the display, you can see the buildings and other objects on the map standing vertically.


The display is equipped with four digital tablets on each side of the table. These tablets are interacting with the hot spots on the illustration. Also, a visitor could see and read additional information about the distilleries and the other items on the map.


Consequently, I‘ve created a circle illustration with the compass rose in the center. This way, the compass rose works as a vanishing point for the illustration perspective. And as a result, every person standing next to the display with Wild Turkey Distilleries Map Illustration see the correctly oriented buildings no matter what side of this table they are on.

Wild Turkey Illustrated Map on the interactive display at Wild Turkey Visitor Center

Illustrated map of Wild Turkey display
Wild Turkey Map Illustration for display by Maria Rabinky
Wild Turkey visitor center display
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