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Gaylord Palms Resort Illustrated Map by Maria Rabinky

Gaylord Palms Resort Illustrated Map

Resorts are designed to offer guests a full experience. Food, entertainment, lodging, and activities come together in a resort. They blend in a fully immersible customer experience. But to appreciate a resort, guests need to be able to find and enjoy the amenities available.

Resort Map Illustration

Resort maps often show the layout of a particular area. Lines and boxes connect the buildings and venues. They also show guests how to move from one space to the next. What the standard flat maps don’t show is the best features of each of those spaces. They also don’t show the resort’s personal flair.

Resort map illustration techniques create a custom image that showcases the best of what a resort can offer its guests. With a three-dimensional approach, resort map illustration crafts a projected image. It shows more than just location. It shows personality.

Creating a Resort Map Illustration

To create an illustrated resort map, the artist researches the best features of the area. She looks at images to appreciate the spatial relationships between buildings and guest areas. She looks at architectural features. Then, the artist blends those images in a custom illustration.

On an illustrated map, you will find a bird’s eye view of the buildings and spaces in your resort. You will see the water features, the patios, the green areas, and the pathways. The best elements of your spa will stand out most prominently. Guests can find their way. Using an illustrated map, guests can appreciate not just where something is located. They see what it looks like and what to expect when they arrive.

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