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Amusement Park Map Illustration

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Map Illustration Theme Park
Indiana Beach Theme Park Map Illustration

Resort hotels aren’t the only campuses featuring attractions guests should enjoy. Additionally, theme park maps and water park maps showcase the fun and thrills of those parks through illustration. Moreover, they are showing through a bird’s eye perspective. Therefore, a theme park map can show visitors where the attractions are located and what to expect from each.


First, water park maps can easily showcase every swoop and loop. Also, they can show the extreme highs and the rattling lows. Additionally, a water park map can showcase the relaxed fun of a lazy river. Finally, they depict the excitement of a water-based roller coaster. Guests come to water parks and theme parks to find excitement and fun. Consequently, an illustrated map shows them exactly what to expect and where to find it.

Amusement Park Map Illustration

An amusement park map illustration is a theme park map illustration that features various attractions. First, look for exciting flat rides. Then, seek out water rides. Finally, roller coasters. Additionally, these illustrations also include railways and dark rides. Also, you’ll find Ferris wheels, transport rides, entertaining games, and other public entertainment activities. Therefore, a theme park map illustration is a type of amusement park map illustration. Albeit one that features structures and attractions around a specific theme. Often, they show multiple areas with different themes.


Naturally, theme parks provide attractions that cater to a variety of age groups. Therefore, our theme park maps are designed to serve the needs and interests of different generations.

So, the amusement park map will include adrenaline-fueled roller coasters. But, it will also show quiet places for older adults to rest. Of course, there are also restaurants and cafes shown on the maps.


Our amusement park map illustration has a unique purpose. The map must help the theme park visitors around the territory successfully. Essentially, pedestrian paths must be visible on the illustrated map of the park. Ideally, these maps are created explicitly for visitor wayfinding purposes.

Kennywood Amusement Park Map Illustration
Map Illustration of Kennywood Amusement Park
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