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Martin’s Fantasy Island Park Illustrated Map

Martin’s Fantasy Island park illustrated map is a beautiful piece of nostalgia. What was initially named Martin’s Fantasy Island has become Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World. Naturally, many of the park’s features remained the same, but some differences exist. Incidentally, with the name change of the park, the original aspects of the park have become more memorable.

Fond Memories of Family Fun

Naturally, time marches on, and things change. However, that doesn’t mean that we forget what is most important about the places we love before the transition. Martin’s Fantasy Island may have changed names, but the memories remain.

With 85 acres of family fun, Martin’s Fantasy Island is adjacent to a KOA, making it easy for campers and family adventurers to find plenty to do when they aren’t off exploring the area. Naturally, with a location in Grand Island, New York, there is always lovely weather for a bit of summer fun.

Something for Everyone

The Martin’s Fantasy Island park illustrated map shows the wide range of attractions the park has held since 1994. First, on one side of the park are the many water features. A lazy river, a surf hill, and a wave pool anchor the fun. Then, toward the back of the park, you’ll find the thrill rides like the Silver Comet and Tilt-a-Whirl. Finally, a large collection of rides and attractions for younger children around the park.

With a bit of something for everyone, Martin’s Fantasy Island has delighted families for years. Naturally, families love attractions like trains, roller coasters, and antique cars. Younger children are eager to the carousel and slides, and those seeking just a bit of nature could even enjoy canoes on the stretch of water separating the park’s different areas.

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Map Illustration of Martin’s Fantasy Island Park
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