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Camp Rockmont Map Illustration


The Camp Rockmont Campus Map Illustration tells us the story about fantastic summertime boys spends in Camp Rockmont. It also shows the camp’s campus grounds and all the activities children have during their exiting summertime on campus.


About Camp Rockmont

Camp Rockmont is a camp for Boys is an American Camp Association attributed to Christian boys’ summer camp in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Camp Rockmont was born in 1956 on the former campus land of Black Mountain College. There are four sessions held each summer, as well as a one-week starter session.

Rockmont offers a variety of different activities for campers to take part in for the summer. As you may see on the Camp Rockmont Map Illustration, they are from conventional sports such as basketball and soccer to shooting skills such as riflery and archery. In addition, these activities include exciting activities like ceramics, art, and the science and operation, maintenance, and launching of rockets. Campers sign up for some of these activities before they attend in the summer.

Rockmont also focuses on Christian ideals. For example, counselors give devotions to their assigned cabins every night. They usually talk about friendship or tell a personal story relating to it. Every morning, each tribe participates in a “Morning Watch.” The tribe sings camp songs, and the Tribal Director gives devotion to the tribe. Also crucial to the Christian ideal of the camp is the council system.


This fun Camp Rockmont Map Illustration is created in fully digital format.

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Campus Map Illustration
Camp Rockmont Campus Map Illustration

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