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UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration

UVA Academical Village: A Walk-Through History

The UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration shows the Lawn is part of the Academical Village designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is a beautiful, terraced grassy land at the historic center of Jefferson’s academic territories at the University of Virginia. The Lawn and its surrounding structures, designed by Jefferson, demonstrate Jefferson’s mastery of Palladian and Neoclassical architecture, and the site is known as an architectural masterpiece. In addition, the Lawn has been designated by the U.S. as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the original structures of the University of Virginia and Jefferson’s next-door residence, Monticello.

Masterpiece Unveiled: The Lawn

  • Imagine Lush Lawn, academic buildings. Designed by Jefferson, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration: See it all come alive in stunning watercolor, capturing the warmth of brick, the emerald greens of the Lawn, and the intricate details of Jefferson’s architectural vision.

Living & Learning: The Village Heart

  • Students & faculty surround the Lawn.
  • Iconic Rotunda at the north, Pavilions & gardens frame it.
  • Fourth-year Lawn residency: A prestigious honor.
  • UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration: Discover your place within this vibrant community, brought to life in the soft hues of watercolor.

The housing for students and faculty are surrounding Jefferson originally designed the Lawn to be the center of the university. The most famous building is the Rotunda, located at the north end of the Lawn. As you may see on the UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration, Old Cabell Hall is on the opposite side. In addition, ten Pavilions are Framing the other two sides of the Lawn. Being chosen as a Lawn Resident in a student’s fourth year is considered one of the university’s most prestigious honors. Opposite the Pavilions and Lawn rooms are ten gardens, and like the Pavilions, each garden is designed distinctly; no two gardens are the same. Both sides’ outermost row of buildings constitutes the Academical Village’s edge, known as the Range, and houses for graduate students.

Traditions & Celebrations: Forever Lawn

  • Since 1819, the Lawn has been the university’s symbolic center.
  • Graduation ceremonies are countless events year-round.

Witness the spirit through the UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration, where history and celebration dance in vibrant watercolor.

The Lawn has been the University of Virginia’s symbolic center since the university was founded in 1819. In addition, the Lawn annually serves as the site of the university’s graduation ceremonies and various events throughout the year.


Campus Map Illustration
UVA Academical Village Campus Illustrated Map

Beyond the Map: UVA’s Legacy

  • UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration: Part of a larger story, beautifully rendered in watercolor.
  • UVA: Historic grounds, strong academics, unique honor code.
  • Own your piece: Commission a custom map illustration imbued with the charm and elegance of watercolor.

The UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration is a central part of the UVA map. The University of Virginia (also known as U.Va. or UVA) is a famous public research university located in Charlottesville, Virginia. UVA was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819.  Jefferson is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. 

UVA is the leading university of Virginia and home to the Academical Village. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The University of Virginia is well known for its historic foundations, student-run honor code, and secret societies.

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The UVA campus map illustration has been a University of Virginia Maps Guide for several years. It is updated every year by Rabinky Art, LLC, as the university keeps growing.

The UVA Academical Village Campus Map Illustration is printed on the front page of the UVA Map Guide.

UVA Map Illustration
Map Illustration of UVA campus brochure

Zoom in, and you will see all the details!

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Campus Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
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