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Barry University location Map Illustration

This Barry University Map Illustration depicts the location of the university campus in Florida.

Barry University is a Private university in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Although the Adrian Dominican Sisters was founded in the university, it is one of the largest Catholic universities in the Southeast.

Barry University’s location map illustration is created in mixed media. It is drawn traditionally with pencil on paper and then colored digitally in watercolor style.

Navigating Barry University with Ease: A Detailed Campus Map Illustration

A Beacon of Academic Excellence

Perched in the vibrant city of Miami Shores, Florida, Barry University stands as a beacon of academic excellence and Catholic values. To help prospective students, faculty, staff, and visitors effortlessly navigate the university’s sprawling campus, a captivating mixed-media map illustration has been meticulously crafted.

A Tapestry of Architectural Gems

This intricate artwork seamlessly blends traditional pencil strokes with vibrant watercolor hues, bringing the Barry University campus to life. The map meticulously outlines the university’s architectural gems, including the iconic Administration Building, the serene Reflection Pond, and the state-of-the-art Dwayne O. Andreas School of Business.


Barry University location Map Illustration
Barry University location in Florida Map Illustration
A Practical Guide for Navigational Ease

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Barry University Map Illustration serves as a practical guide, pinpointing the locations of essential campus facilities, such as academic buildings, student housing, dining options, and recreational spaces. Whether seeking the bustling Student Life Center or the tranquil Meditation Garden, users can effortlessly locate their destination with just a glance at the map.

A Touch of Artistry and Personality

The map’s mixed-media approach adds a touch of artistry and personality, transforming a mere campus map into a cherished keepsake. The delicate pencil lines convey the intricate details of the campus architecture, while the vibrant watercolor washes infuse the map with a sense of warmth and vibrancy.

A Reflection of Catholic Heritage

As a private university affiliated with the Adrian Dominican Sisters, Barry University is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. The map subtly reflects this heritage, incorporating subtle religious symbolism that resonates with students, faculty, and visitors alike.

More than Just a Navigational Tool

The Barry University Map Illustration is more than just a navigational tool; it visually represents the university’s vibrant spirit and welcoming atmosphere. It invites individuals to explore the campus, discover its hidden gems, and immerse themselves in the Barry University community.


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