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Map Artist Maria Rabinky
Artist Maria Rabinky at Licensing EXPO Show

About Illustrated Maps created by Rabinky Art, LLC

While a bird’s eye view is something today we’re treated to via satellite mapping, the technique of creating oblique map art dates back well into the 1600’s – much earlier than satellites or even photography. Today we realize that the old style is an excellent way to communicate the scale, design elements, orientation, and navigation in a single, artistic image created by a professional map illustrator.

Grid-style maps may be helpful, but they are rarely attractive. Using illustrated elements in a color 2-D map or 3-D illustrated maps allows campuses or towns to be presented with the shapes and colors we’ve come to expect in real life. With the vitality and energy that only 3-D images can create, an actual birds-eye view map breathes life into any area.

Communicating the Architecture and Design

Through Illustrative Maps, you’ll be able to communicate the architecture and design elements in an attractive, factual, and exciting way. The illustrated 3-D map allows us to see the way which we’ve labeled “wayfinding truly.” Exploring the artistic approach to virtually any area or location is fun. We also produce a fully interactive version of our maps to make this possible in a digital sense. This Web Map helps to bring static design and dynamic wayfinding together.

Digital Techniques of Artwork

In today’s media-rich environment, incorporating original illustration and electronic mediums makes for a more dynamic experience. Rabinky Art helps address this need with dedicated media solutions, including map illustration and wayfinding images. Our work starts as actual hand-sketched images but transforms into rich, attractive digital formats of the art. This technique allows for maximum flexibility in product use as well as convenience.

Not only do clients own a digital 3-D map creation of their own, but they also own the usage rights and copyright to their art. Rabinky Art realizes that one-time use is inappropriate for this medium and works with clients to address this need.

About Artist Maria Rabinky

Maria Rabinky is the principal of Rabinky Art LLC. As a young woman, she studied architecture and fine arts at the prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree. Upon graduation, she used her extensive training to pursue contract work as an architect, museum set designer, and interior designer.

After relocating to the USA, Maria continued to work as an architect and a freelance artist creating paintings and illustrations in various media, including watercolors, oils, pencils, and ink. She emphasized her study of architecture as well as enjoying still life creations and country and urban landscapes.

As a map illustrator, Maria creates artwork in a wide variety of techniques. Her watercolors ranging from purely classic to impressionistic, are often as rich in color as her rich oils.

Map Illustrator Maria Rabinky
Map Illustrator Maria Rabinky
A Successful Digital Media Artist

As digital technology blended with classical art forms, Maria was an early adopter. A successful mixed-media artist, she merges modern artistic technologies with the definite feel of hand creations.

Maria demonstrates a gift for capturing a mood and feeling in the air and making it a work of art in her paintings. We all experienced episodes when we tried to take a mental picture of a beautiful view around us. These moments are like a beautiful sunset in Italy or a romantic candlelight dinner, a breeze of a crisp autumn air through red and yellow leaves, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, or a vase of lavish fruit. With the artist’s talent and imagination, these life’s episodes are shining on paper and canvas, so we can take them home and experience our favorite moments over and over again.

Helping Clients Succeed

Commercial customers love and relate to Maria’s upbeat, bright, and vivid style of map illustrations. For example, the bird’s-eye view maps follow the centuries-long tradition of pictorial maps. Her clients are the nation’s top colleges and universities, magazines, advertising agencies, state tourism departments, and promotional design companies. She created eye-catching renderings of conceptual drawings and colorful illustrative maps under the Rabinky Art and Illustrated Maps brands. Her artwork helps her clients identify and express their unique promotional visions. In addition, several leading puzzle companies have licensed Maria’s paintings and whimsically illustrated maps in the United States and Europe. Among them are Ravensburger, Cardinal, and Gibson Games.

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Our Clients

Our company works with clients from many industries, higher education, travel, tourism, and developers. Other clients include medical and corporate campuses as well as publications and government agencies. While in different society segments, all of our clients wish to present architecture, campus, or community from a bird’s eye view in an attractive, functional way.


Each product is designed according to the directions and intent of our various clients. Past client materials can be viewed in our portfolio section, where each element was specifically designed to reach a particular audience. The goal of Illustrative Maps is always the same: work with clients to understand their message, create necessary images with vitality and warmth, and finally, to produce the full range of services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
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Creative Wayfinding with Illustrated Maps

City Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
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