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Rancho San Juan Map Illustration

The purpose

The Rancho San Juan Amusement Park Map Illustration has a particular purpose. A Mexican developer commissioned it for his project Rancho San Juan. He planned to develop children learning center as a theme park or a farm where kids can learn about healthy lifestyles.

Rancho San Juan is dedicated to instilling positive eating habits and encouraging physical activity. They believe every child deserves to have fresh and healthy food to eat and have the chance to learn how this healthy food is being produced.



Imagine spending a whole weekend with your kids exploring different pavilions and ventures. First, you will arrive at a beautiful Main Plaza with welcoming architecture, a refreshing fountain, and colorful flowers. And then, you will be entering the learning paradise. As you may see on the Rancho San Juan Amusement Park Map illustration, as soon as you enter the rancho, you will be able to visit a series of greenhouses. There, your kids will be introduced to the process of growing fruits and vegetables.

Then you and your children will enter the large food court and taste the food grown right there on the rancho. Freshly blended fruits & vegetable smoothies and other delicious food are provided by the farm.

Secondly, after the reach with nutritious and vitamins lunch, you will proceed to the other pavilions. Your kids will learn where dairy products are produced. They will be able to meet and pet the animals and see how the cow is milked. They will also enjoy watching colorful hens and roosters and learning where the scrambled eggs come from for breakfast every morning. After that, it is a great time to explore good habits of recycling at the outside display. Likewise, to learn and understand the process of cleaning and recycling water.


The concept

Unlike many other map illustrations, this Rancho San Juan Amusement Park Map Illustration has an unusual concept: the images above the pavilion roofs represent what is displayed in the pavilions.

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Rancho San Juan illustrated Map
Map Illustration of the Rancho San Juan in Mexico
Rancho San Juan Main Plaza Illustration
Main Plaza illustration for Rancho San Juan
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