Cutaway Map Illustration
Experience CHEST convention Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Experience CHEST convention Map Illustration

How can you show the best interior features of space along with the best exterior ones? How do you showcase the beauty inside?  While also showing impressive outside features? A cutaway map illustration allows you to do just that.

What is the Cutaway Map?

A cutaway map illustration is just that. First, the artist creates a stunning visual. This might be the exterior of your office, hotel, resort, or a historic place. Then, through a specialized hand-drawn technique, the artist shows the inside. Additionally, a select portion of the exterior is removed. Naturally, this reveals the most impressive interior features.

A cutaway map shows the best architectural features of your building. The columns, the angles, the beauty of the spacing, and windows. Also, a cutaway map includes the grounds. Additionally, it shows the green spaces and the surrounding spaces as well.

Using a Cutaway Map

Then, customized hand-drawn features show you both spaces at the same time. The map shows soaring ceilings. Also, it reveals cathedral windows. The map reveals the location of many key features. Finally, the personality of space is brought to life through colors, textures, and line work.

Guests appreciate the dual vision of the space. Additionally, they use the cutaway map as a guide to their location. Guests easily see key features of a space. In addition, property owners can enjoy the same map as part of their marketing package. Likewise, they enjoy the map as the representative art that it is.

Use the map for marketing—guide visitors. Or perhaps celebrate a space. In all regards, a cutaway map illustration will showcase the best of your space.


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