Map Illustration by Rabinky Art, LLC

Illustrated Maps

by Rabinky Art, LLC

New Development Map illustration

Real estate developers aren’t just selling properties. They are selling dreams. The dreams can be featured in a New Development Map Illustration.

A young professional buying her first home wants more than just a xeroxed page of features. She enjoys a shiny brochure showing the features of the development.

A father moving his family into a new neighborhood wants to not just hear about the new suburb’s excellent parks and walking trails – he wants to see them.

A couple buying their first home wants to see how far their money will stretch. Can they afford the two-story? Or perhaps the house with the large backyard they have been dreaming of?

The Dreams Featured in a New Development Map Illustration

The Yards Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
The Yards in DC Illustrated Map

A map illustration makes this possible

A neighborhood is about more than just plopping houses beside each other. Instead, it’s about winding streets and open green spaces. Additionally, it’s about the size of the backyards. It’s about the playgrounds for the children. How close are the neighborhood schools? Also, what sort of hike and bike trails are there to explore?

Real-estate map illustration shows all of this and more.

First, to create an illustrated map of the real estate, the artist studies the critical features of the area. Then, she examines building heights and the size of the green spaces. Additionally, she takes those measurements and dimensions. Eventually, she creates an illustration that shows these key features. But she shows them with an illustrated perspective.

That means the areas that the developer wants to highlight are easily showcased. The less exciting areas are recessed. For example, a standard sidewalk or a place for drainage isn’t featured. New homeowners can see what they are looking for. Also, they can see it about everything else.

With new development maps, new home buyers can see exactly what they want to visit. The dream they are hoping to buy.

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