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The University of Virginia Campus Illustrated Map

The University of Virginia (also known as U.Va. or UVA) is a famous public research university located in Charlottesville, Virginia. UVA was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819.  Jefferson is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. 

UVA is the leading university of Virginia and home to the Academical Village. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The University of Virginia is well known for its historic foundations, student-run honor code, and secret societies.

A Virtual Tour of the Grounds

Virginia University’s campus is a beautiful place to visit and explore. From its iconic monuments to its sprawling lawns, the grounds of this prestigious university serve as a visual reminder of UVA’s commitment to excellence in higher education. To share this beauty with everyone, Virginia University has created an interactive virtual tour that allows visitors to virtually navigate and explore their grounds from the comfort of their own homes or office. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of all major structures on campus, highlighting their unique features so that you can get familiarized before your visit.

Begin your exploration with our Campus Map Artwork featuring original oil paintings depicting the main academic buildings at UVA Grounds; Rotunda (designed by Thomas Jefferson, Alumni Hall (home for UVA alumni events and JPA Hall (history’s oldest building. The artwork also includes adjacent pathways leading up to them each structure, offering insight into the local culture surrounding these acclaimed art pieces.

While exploring interior spaces, such rooms are usually off-limits during regular hours due to their private nature. Still, online multimedia galleries give readers rare insights about hidden places within walls illustrating diversity in classical collegiate design found locally within Charlottesville, only a few miles from Washington, DC.

Campus Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
The University of Virginia Campus Illustrated Map

Virginia University Campus Map Artwork

The University of Virginia boasts a rich history, and its campus map artwork is essential to the story. UVA’s iconic campus layout has been consistently depicted in stunning print art since the school’s founding. So, whether you’re a current student or alumni looking to take a virtual tour of your alma mater, this comprehensive guide can help you quickly explore every nook and cranny!


You’ll also learn about lesser-known sites that have served as gathering spots for students through generations, such as The Rotunda and Lawn. Both featured prominently on any accurate campus map artwork around the grounds today.


The University of Virginia’s campus is full of history, character, and beauty. Whether you are a first-time visitor or an alumnus, this illustrated guide will help you navigate UVA and its many attractions. This guide highlights all the landmarks that make UVA unique, from the iconic Rotunda to the unique Memorial Gymnasium. In addition, our blog post series “An Illustrated Guide to the Layout of UVA’s Campus” provided a comprehensive overview of how to explore every corner of University Grounds safely and efficiently. Hopefully, with these tips and insights into Virginia University’s sprawling grounds in mind, you can further enjoy your visit to Charlottesville!

Creating UVA Campus map Illustration

Rabinky Art has a strong history of creating campus map illustrations for schools and universities, both large and small. Rabinky Art’s approach is unique because we blend the experience of an architect’s handcrafted impression of the school, delivered in a fully layered, state-of-the-art electronic file.


First, the map artist uses images provided by the client of different angles and scales. Then, the artist creates a sketch of the campus. Rabinky Art designs the map to showcase the campus’s best features. We also minimize the areas that are less important and emphasize those that are of greater importance. Once the campus illustrated map is ready in line drawing, the artist uses color to bring the illustration to life.


The University of Virginia has a vast campus, and it keeps growing every year. It takes almost the whole town of Charlottesville. And as the university is growing, the UVA campus illustrated map is changing every year, and we keep adding new buildings, roads, fields, and complexes.

Zoom in, and you will see all the details!

Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
Jefferson's portrait detail for UVA Campus Map Illustration
Campus Map Illustration
UVA Campus Illustrated Map - UVA Hospital
Illustration by Maria Rabinky
The Rotunda illustration - detail for UVA Campus Map Artwork

The University of Virginia Campus Map Illustration is available as prints on many sizes and media

Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky
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