Tourist map illustration
Elvis's Memphis Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Elvis’s Memphis Illustrated Map

Tourist map illustration designed for tourists, people planning a vacation, or a map artwork placed on a wall as a great memory of visited places. Such maps serve to acquaint tourists with a given district and provide information on possible travel routes, the location of specific landmarks, and tourist services availability.

Tourist map illustration designed for tourist companies. A specific requirement of tourist maps is clearly drawn and feature illustrations, indexed guides, explanatory text, and various information and reference material.

General-purpose tourist maps, as distinguished from specialized ones, include such common geographic features as roads, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and land relief, as well as items of special tourist interest, including architectural and historical landmarks, monuments, national parks, museums, hotels, tourist centers, and camping sites. Tourist illustrated maps serve to acquaint tourists with a given area and provide information on possible travel routes, the location of specific landmarks, and tourist services availability.

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