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WhistlePig Farm Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

WhistlePig Farm Illustrated Map

Map artwork – there has always been art in cartography. Maps, by definition, are utilitarian. Cartographers have long known that deploying artistic skills and techniques can enhance a map’s effect. Rabinky Art’s map artwork is unique and combines the best of both meanings: maps and art.

Map artwork is a traditional category used within the visual arts. Our maps usually show an area as if viewed from above, more like from a bird’s eye view at an oblique angle. They are not generally drawn to scale.

While regular geographical maps focus on the accurate rendition of distances, map artwork enhances landmarks. It often incorporates a complex interplay of differently scaled objects into one image to give the viewer a more exciting sense of understanding the places. These maps bring an artistic spectrum from whimsical caricature to spectacular landscape artistic graphics with an emphasis on objects and style. The focused ones are attractive, informative, and highly accurate in the presentation. Some maps require many hours to produce.

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