Area attraction map illustration
USA Wonders Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

USA Wonders Illustrated Map

Area attraction map illustration is the illustrated maps designed with a symbolic depiction emphasizing relationships between elements and space. Area attraction maps showcase the famous landmarks, historical places, wonders of nature, animals, and many more interest points.

An Area attraction illustrated maps had had a real resurgence over the past several years. It is an exciting alternative to a dry Google map; area attraction map illustration can be filled with characters and interesting detail to truly capture the atmosphere of a city, state, country, continent, or the whole world.

A map illustration of this type is a symbolic depiction of the physical or imaginary territory, emphasizing relationships between elements presented in the space and its geographical features. To bring more attention to a subject on the map, we may exaggerate the size of it. The scale might be broken, but that gives the creator ability to bring the viewer’s attention to a particular object on the map illustration.

This type of map illustration is mostly used in advertising, education, editorial, and the tourist industry.