Specialized Map Illustration

Beauty exists in spatial relationships. Therefore, it’s fascinating to see how one area sits alongside another. The beauty of architecture. The juxtaposition of space alongside busy streets. A Specialized map illustration captures the beauty of any room.

Were you looking to capture the critical features across an entire country? Instead, perhaps you want to showcase the vital aspects of your office building or hotel. A Specialized map illustration makes it easy to do that. You can show exactly what you’d like. No matter how big or how small.

Create Specialized Map Illustration

First, to create a specialized illustrated map, the artist begins with images. Initially, she looks at pictures from every angle. Then, she examines every plane. But illustrated maps aren’t just about where things are positioned. An illustrated map creates a relationship between buildings and spaces. Those spatial relationships must come through.

So, the artist researches the area. She looks for the key features in a space. Next, she determines what to showcase. Then, she begins the custom illustration.

Finally, the artist creates each map illustration by hand.  Therefore, they are entirely custom. Using the images and research the artist creates. Your space becomes three-dimensional. Views use the custom image to see around and inside the area. They see prominent landmarks. And they admire the architecture. A custom map opens up the beauty of space through color and lines.

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