City Map Illustration
Portsmouth Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Portsmouth, VA Map Illustration

A city is a collection of so many things – its people, its skyline, its businesses. When you create a city map, how do you bring all of those key elements into play? Often, we think of maps only as a way to show spatial relationships. How do you get from this building to that building?

Illustrated maps, however, add an extra dimension or two. With a city map illustration, building locations are shown. But you also showcase the most important and most attractive features of a city.

Illustrated Map Features

An illustrated city map shows buildings as they are located. However, the map shows a bird’s eye view. Options exist for how to create the dynamic features of the city. You choose what to showcase. You will also be able to play down the parts of the city that are not as attractive.

Creating Illustrated Maps

To create custom city maps illustration, the artist begins by heavily researching the areas. She looks at images from different angles. Then, she gathers information about the prominence of various buildings and spaces within the city. Finally, she knows what to showcase in the illustration.

Once the research is done, the artist creates a stunning, one-of-a-kind map. This is not just a map but a work of art. The city architecture is there, but so is the spirit of the city and its businesses. The colors, artistic style, and other features create more than just another picture of your city. It’s a showcase.

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