Campus Map Illustration
Dartmouth College Campus Map Illustration by Maria Rabinky

Dartmouth College Map Illustration

Campus map illustration typically displays the grounds of a university, college, or school. Students, visitors, employees, and faculty use the maps to navigate the campus. A campus illustrated map typically shows major campus buildings, landmarks, and points of interest surrounding the campus.
Want to bring your campus to life? A custom campus map illustration offers so much more than just the location of the buildings.

A campus map illustration showcases an area. Sure, it shows students, visitors, and alumni how to navigate the campus. But it also reveals landmarks. An illustrated map features the most memorable aspects of the campus – the architecture, the towers, the statues. Campus Illustrated Maps capture more than just the locations. They capture the beauty of the area as well.

First, the artist uses images from a variety of angles and scales. Then, she creates a three-dimensional map of the campus. She designs the map to showcase the campus’s best features. She also minimizes the areas that aren’t important. Once the map is done, she uses color to bring the illustration to life.

After it is created, a campus might use the new map for any number of reasons. The illustrated map makes for a stunning visual as a large artwork installation in a visitor or alumni center. An illustrated campus map is also an excellent addition to marketing brochures and student materials. The map shows potential students the campus’s layout and structure. It also shows them what makes your campus unique.

Finally, an illustrated map of the campus is also great signage around the campus. It blends function, beauty, and marketing. Help those on campus find their way. But also cement the most notable aspects of your campus in their minds.

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